Three phase SSR


DC or AC control 10 - 120 A three phase solid state relay with LED indicator

4000V 10A 25A 40A 60A 120A three phase SSR Solid State Relay


● Dielectric strength 4000V

● Photo isolation

● Zero cross or random turn-on

● Removable finger proof cover available

● Load current 10-120A

● Panel mount

● Control voltage 3-32Vdc, 70-280Vac

● Built-in RC

Models explanation:
NKDH .....40......48.......ZD3
    1           2        3          4


NKDH – single-phase solid state relay (10 – 120А)

NKDM – industrial class solid state relay (100 – 500А)

NKTH – three-phase solid state relay (10 – 120А)

NKTR – motor reversing solid state relay (10 – 40А)

40 – load current 40А (10 – 500А)

48 – load voltage 24-480V AC, 38 – 24-380V AC, 23 – 5-220V DC

ZD3 – control signal type(swithing mode)

VA – variable resistor 220-560кОм/2Вт (phase control)

LA – analog signal 4-20мА (phase control)

VD – analog signal 0-10V DC (phase control)

ZD – control voltage 10-30V DC (switching at zero crossing)

ZD3 – control voltage 3-32V DC (switching at zero crossing)

ZA2 – control voltagte 70-280V AC (switching at zero crossing)

DD3 – control voltage 3-32V DC (DC voltage switching)


Loda voltage  Control Signal  Rated current
10A 25A 40A
480V AC  3-32V DC NKTH1048ZD3 NKTH2548ZD3 NKTH4048ZD3
70-280V AC NKTH1048ZA2 NKTH2548ZA2 NKTH4048ZA2


Loda voltage  Control Signal  Rated current
60A 80A 100A 120A
480V AC  3-32V DC NKTH6048ZD3 NKTH8048ZD3 NKTH10048ZD3 NKTH12048ZD3
70-280V AC NKTH6048ZA2 NKTH8048ZA2 NKTH10048ZA2 NKTH12048ZA2

Technical specifications:

Model NKTHxxxxxZD3 NKTHxxxxxZA2
Load voltage 24-480VAC
Control voltage 3-32V DC 70-280V AC
Current consumption in control circuit 10-68mA ≤12mA
Voltage ON/OFF 3V DC/1.5V DC 70V DC/10V AC
Leakage current(off-state) ≤10mA
Peak voltage  1000V AC 
Voltage drop in load circuit ≤1.6V AC
Switching time ≤10mS
LED indication yes
Dielectric strength 2500V AC (1min)
Insulation resistance 500MΩ with 500V DC
Operating temperature -30°c ~ +75°c
Relative Humidity ≤95%(non-condensing)
Dimensions 105x74x33mm
Mounting method Screws on
Weight ≤450g

Outline dimensions & Wiring diagram: