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FL-TS India type 2000A 100mV dc current Shunt Resistors for Electric cars

2000A Shunt Resistors

FL-TS India type 2000A 100mV dc current Shunt Resistors for Electric cars

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The main technical parameters:
1, accuracy level: 2 ~ 4000A; 0.5: 5000 ~ 10000A; 1 level.
2, the ambient conditions: -40 ~ +60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95% (35 ℃).
3, overload performance: rated current 120%, 2 hours.
4, the voltage drop: 50mV60mV70mV100mV
5, the load under the heat: temperature stability tends to change, the rated current 50A the following does not exceed 80 ℃; rated current 50A or more does not exceed 120 ℃.


(Or copper) and the shunt connection is not allowed to have artificial contact resistance, the sampling point of the secondary voltage can not be sampled from the non-sampling point.

Actual use of the current (long) is recommended not to exceed 80% of rated current.



Color Black and Silver
Current rating 10A-3000A
Voltage drop 50mV,60mV,75mV,100mV
Accuracy class 0.5/0.2
Material Copper with nickel plated
Overload capacity 120% of rated current for 2hr
Function are used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring instruments.
Application Use for DC digital Amp Meter.






1. Select the shunt method
(1) according to the ammeter (or dual-use current and voltage meter) marked on the dial mV selected shunt rated voltage drop specifications (commonly used is 75mV or 45mV). If the current meter does not have this value, use the following formula to calculate the voltage limit for the meter, and then select the shunt rated voltage drop specification.
Table voltage limit (mV) = ammeter full scale current (A) × ammeter internal resistance (Ω) ÷ 1000
(2) according to want to expand the current range to select the shunt rated current specifications.
(3) will be selected shunt two current terminals are connected with the power supply and load, the potential end of the ammeter, the ammeter should be noted that the polarity of the terminal to be connected to the ammeter on the range expanded to the shunt calibration current value.
2. A Method of Calculating Ammeter of Current Meter after Using
For motor test measurements, often an ammeter to configure multiple shunts to address the larger measurement range can guarantee the accuracy of the required measurement problems. All of the shunts used are required to have a nominal voltage drop equal to the ammeter, eg 75 mV. In this way, after the shunt is selected, the full scale of the ammeter is the rated current value of the selected shunt, and the multiple of the ammeter (that is, the current value of each scale of the dial) is the rated current of the shunt divided by the total number of scales of the dial.
The shunt used for DC current measurement is available in slot and non-socket versions. The shunt has a manganese nickel-copper alloy resistive bar and copper strip and is plated with a nickel layer. The rated voltage drop is 60mV, but can also be used as 75,100,120,150 and 300 mV.
Slot-type shunt rated current has the following: 5 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A and 25 A
The non-slot type shunt has a nominal current of 30 A to 15 kA standard spacing.


Shunt is actually a very small resistance of the resistance, when a DC current through, the pressure drop for DC ammeter display
DC ammeter is actually a voltmeter, full-scale value of 75mV
DC ammeter and shunt is supporting the use of;
For example: 100A ammeter supporting shunt resistance of 0.00075 Europe
Namely 100A * 0.00075 Europe = 75mV;
50A ammeter supporting the shunt resistance of 0.0015 Europe
50A * 0.0015 ohms = 75 mV.




FL-21, FL-19, FL-13, FL-21, FL-13, FL-21, FL-
FL-29 type, FL-39 type, Taiwan type, Russian type, Korean type, American type and so on. . .
There are many shunts, but the shape can be customized according to customer requirements. The enclosed shunt is much smaller in shape than an external shunt.


A shunt, also known as a synchronous motor, is required to proportionally supply fuel to multiple branches. Common for the flow of oil. Used to solve the cylinder synchronization, walking motor synchronization, oil lubrication. According to the material can be divided into aluminum and cast iron; according to the structure can be divided into gear and plunger;



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