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new product power controller

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new product power controller

adjustable 0-220V thermostat 100A 10KW Solid state 220V single phase electronic SCR voltage regulator 

Product Description


Main Function:

The thyristor electronic voltage regulator is mainly used for resistive loads (Incandescent lamps, etc.), single-phase AC brushless motor, adjustable pressure range from 20V-220V, more suitable for low voltage drive heating wire Factory use: such as cutting styrofoam, pearl cotton, raincoats make it to adjust the voltage, reduce power and so on. With the new bi-directional high-power thyristor, the current is up to 40 amps, which solves the over-current problem caused by the electric resistance of the electric furnace wire when cooling is too small; it can easily adjust the output voltage of the mains at 10V- Continuously adjustable between 220V, zero delay, zero hysteresis. Use case: Heat regulation of electric stove and water heater, dimming of lamps and lanterns, small motor speed adjustment, electric iron thermostat and so on, so as to achieve the effer of temperature adjustment, dimming, speed regulation, and pressure regulation.



1. Please use within the rated power and voltage range, only suitable for AC grid.

2. It is a normal phenomenon that there is slight heat during work. Please use it in a dry and ventilated place. 3. Input AC 220V power, turn on the power switch, slowly adjust the voltage knob to change the voltage.

4. The machine does not adapt to the capacitor motor, adapt to the brush motor speed and electric wire resistance conductor.

5. The machine does not adapt to work on soft start or slow start voltage regulator.

6. Attention must first load and then adjust the voltage



Electric furnace, water heater, the lamps and laterns that move light, small motor, solder iron temperature control and so on (Inductive or capacity load power should be reduced, the voltage regulator is equipped with two-way high-power thyrister, don't add any component can use , very convenient and practical.)

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product name Solid state regulator regulator
Product number SSR-100A (Hardcover)
Input voltage AC220V
The output voltage 0-220V adjustable (must be under load condition)
Maximum power 10000W (full power)
High pressure range 0-220V stepless adjustable (must be under load conditions) straight forward to achieve step down to 0V, boost from 0V
Rated current 100A
Features There is no isolation between the control terminal and the output terminal. Only the occasions where the manual control of the resistive load is not required are applied, and the sensitive applications such as inductive loads are used with caution.
Executive standard CE


Enhanced pressure regulator module application range: Heating: various heating furnaces, injection molding equipment, thermoplastic molding, textile equipment, infrared heating, power distribution system, drying system, tool control speed: brush motor speed, angle grinder, Marble machine, polishing machine, engraving machine, electric drill, etc., can book a variety of external control signals: 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA multi-signal (reservation) machine small size, light weight, fast response, no mechanical mechanism Features.

new product power controller

new product power controller

new product power controller

new product power controller

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new product power controller

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