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Industrial 4.0 period, China's industrial connector industry trends

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Industrial 4.0 period, China's industrial connector industry trends

Industrial 4.0 period, China's industrial  connector industry trends

Since the end of the last century, the world's first industrial connector was invented, industrial connectors from the door to open the world, followed by countries and enterprises began to start industrial connector research and development and production. Today, tens of thousands of connected products have been successfully developed, widely used in various sectors of the national economy, for the development of the connector industry has played a positive role in promoting

China as a manufacturing power, the rapid development of manufacturing industry for industrial connectors to provide more and more market space. However, the vast market space emerged in a large number of rough small workshops, due to the limited connection technology and mold technology, the current market share, the German and other European and American countries, manufacturers are still in a dominant position.


With the industrial 4.0, industrial connector structure and research and development of their own era of baptism, China's industrial connector industry also ushered in the pursuit of similar products in the development process of a change. The market is expanding, technology in progress, talent is increasing, the state to support the increase, the local industrial connector will usher in their golden age.

Industrial connector in the industrial 4.0 period development trend forecast.




China's industrial connector on the naming of different enterprises, the geographical differences, for the choice of industrial connector customers brought inconvenience. Naming norms of the industry is the premise of product development, of course, this requires a high degree of unity, the need for a strong business to lead the development of the industry.


2. Variety of varieties


With the use of domestic industrial connector series of products in the increasingly frequent use of electrical connections, more and more users to put forward more requirements, for this industrial connector structure and wiring methods have undergone great changes. From the initial single structural changes extend a variety of wiring structure, from the initial complex connection to a simple, safe and reliable connection changes, the current industrial connector products will be more adapted to the complex use of the environment.


3. Humanized structure


For the broad market demand, Ou Kerui connector will also develop a more simple, beautiful, adapt to all kinds of environmental industrial connector products, its technical content will be greatly improved, and the intelligent era to adapt.


4. Production of intelligent


With the extensive application of industrial robots, the industrial connector production area will not only realize the machine production, human support, the production efficiency will be greatly improved, the labor intensity of the workers will be greatly reduced, and truly intelligent production.


5. Production quality

As the quality of the product requirements of the industry is getting higher and higher. The reliability and adaptability of industrial connectors will be gradually enhanced, the new production technology and technology equipment put into use, scientific production processes and quality control methods will also improve the quality and life of industrial connectors, IP65 and IP68 and other protection level Product optimization. So depressed for a long time the market demand was quickly released, and led the rebound in demand for the terminal, the electronic components industry boom to rise the fuse.


In China from the industrial manufacturing power to the road to manufacturing power, the industrial connector industry in the domestic development space is huge. As a connector, the industry's demand is also increasing. Ningbo Ou Kerui connector that do a good job in the domestic market at the same time, look at foreign markets, and China's manufacturing industry take off. Conform to the trend of the times, advancing with the times, and continuously improve China's industrial connector industry will have a better development.

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