FLJ-2 shunt


FLJ-2 2000A 100mV DC Electric Current Shunt Resistors

1. Use: The interchangeable shunts are used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring instruments. 2. Application:For Telecommunications equipment、Electric cars、Aerospace、Charging station、Electroplating Power Equipment、Instrument and meter, Dc power system, etc..

FLJ-2 2000A 100mV  DC Electric current Shunt Resistors

Product Description

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Combinedusage with DC panel meters according to rated voltage drop without adjustment.



Rated Voltage drop:50mV~100mV DC
Accuracy: Class 0.5
Material of shunt resistor: Manganin

The main technical parameters:

1, accuracy level: 2 ~ 4000A; 0.5: 5000 ~ 10000A; 1 level.
2, the ambient conditions: -40 ~ +60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95% (35 ℃).
3, overload performance: rated current 120%, 2 hours.
4, the voltage drop: 50mV60mV70mV100mV
5, the load under the heat: temperature stability tends to change, the rated current 50A the following does not exceed 80 ℃; rated current 50A or more does not exceed 120 ℃.


(Or copper) and the shunt connection is not allowed to have artificial contact resistance, the sampling point of the secondary voltage can not be sampled from the non-sampling point.

Actual use of the current (long) is recommended not to exceed 80% of rated current.

Color Black and Silver
Current rating 10A-3000A
Voltage drop 50mV,60mV,75mV,100mV
Accuracy class 0.5/0.2
Material Copper with nickel plated
Overload capacity 120% of rated current for 2hr
Function are used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring instruments.
Application Use for DC digital Amp Meter.