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50A 50mV DC Current Manganin Shunt Resistor

1. Use: The interchangeable shunts are used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring instruments. 2. Application:For Telecommunications equipment、Electric cars、Aerospace、Charging station、Electroplating Power Equipment、Instrument and meter, Dc power system, etc..

Product Details:

Shunt composed mainly of manganese bronze and copper welding, the shunt has two sets of ramp at each end of the connector: Terminal outside with a group of potential, for power connections, within a group and measurement instruments for potential terminal connection.


Fixed constant value shunt Description:

Application: fixed constant value shunt is suitable for measuring DC currents below 10kA directly into the analog display instruments used in conjunction to expand outside of DC current measuring range shunt, or can be considered as current in the circuit in turn sampled by standard resistors, the sampling used in measurement of voltage can be thought of as a current analog signals.



Shunt circuit cable (or copper) and shunt connection does not allow any human contact resistance, secondary voltage sampling points from the sampling point sampling. Second, the actual use of the current (long time) recommends no more than rated current of 80%.



Combined usage with DC panel meters according to rated voltage without adjustment.



Rated Voltage drop:50mV~100mV DC 

Accuracy: Class 0.5

Material of shunt resistor: Manganin

Main technical parameter:

      1)Rated voltage drop range: 1A-50A 10mV~800mV;51A-2500A  10mV~300mV; 2501-12000A 10mV~100mV

      2)Ambient condition-25~+40℃; Relative humidity≤80%(35℃)

      3)Temperature rise: Put in rated current for 2hr, after the temperature rising steady test it: When the rated current less than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 80K; When the rated current more than 100A, the temperature rise should be no more than 120K.

      4)Over load performance: 120% of rated current for 2hours.

      5)Thermoelectric potential influence: no more than 50% of the index level.

50A 50mV DC Current Manganin Shunt Resistor

50A 50mV DC Current Manganin Shunt Resistor