Voltage Monitoring Relays


DV5-01 DV5-02 Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay

It serves to control supply voltage for appliances sensitive to supply toleranceprotection ofthe deviceagainstunder/over voltage. •DV5-01 is band voltage relayDV5-02isover/undervoltage relay.For diff erence-see graph of function. •Ad240 -monitorsvoltageinrangeAC60-280V -Umax and Umin can bemonitoredindependently •D12 -likeHRN-33but voltagerangeisDC6-30V -monitoring of battery circuits(24V)•A220 - like HRN-33,but independent output relays for each voltage level -switching ofother loads possible •Ad48 -like HRN-33monitorsvoltage in range AC15-100V -it is possible to monitor level of overvoltage and undervoltage independently •Adiustable time delay for alltypesis0-10s(toeliminate shortvoltage drops or peaks). •Voltage Umin adjusted as % of Umax. •3-state indication-LEDs indicating normal state and 2 fault states. •Supply from monitoredvoltage(monitors level ofits own supply). •1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.