Voltage Monitoring Relays


DV2-PSF PSA Auto Phase Selector Switch

• Switchof220-240V(3P+N)mains: -voltage in 2 levels (undervoltage and overvoltagecanbe switched off) -Asingle-phase voltage(230 V AC)is applied at the output of the switch -the electronic system of the switch controls values oftheapplied phase voltages so that the output voltage is not lower than 160 V. -Phase with the correct parameters is directed at the output of the switch -Corresponding LED signals the activation ofthe given phase at the output of the switch. -L1 phase is the priority phasei.e.lf a voltagein L1phase would drop below set value or in a case of total power failure(theL1 LED goes off), the electronic system will switch phase L2 to the output(if its parameters are correct). In the case of a simultaneouslackofcorrectvoltagesinphasesL1 and L2(L1andL2 LEDs go off),the L3 phase will be switched to the output . When the correct supply voltage returns to theL1phase(≥recovery value) thesystemswitchesthisphasetotheoutput. •Outputcontact:1xchangeover10A/250VAc1 •2-MODULEDINrailmounting