Time Relays


DT9-2M16 DT9-2M10 Digital Multifunction Time Relays

• Multifunction programmable digital relay with 4 digit L D displ C ay. • Control and setting are don uttons, user-friendly menu, abso- e by 3 b lute accuracy in timer setting, time countdown on a display, alvani- g cally separated START and STOP control inputs wi NI supply. th U • Thanks to its complexity, it is possible to program also ore demand- m ing time functio g 2 independent times. ns by usin • 2 independent times, with combination o puts and 2 outputs. f 2 in • DT9-2M16:16 functions, choice of functions of the other relay, 30 mem- ory pla or most frequently used times. ces f • DT9-2M1010 functions, 1 output of 10 functions can be assigned to : each rel elays in one device. ay = 2 r • 2 independent times in r nge: 0.0 00 h s. a 1 s - 1 r • Supply voltag /DC 12 - 240 V o . e AC r AC 230 V • 3-MODULE, DIN rail mou g. ntin