Time Relays


DT7-1LA,DT7-1L BSliquid Level Control Time Relays

•Relay is designed for monitoring levels in wellsbasinsreservoirs, tanks... •In one device you can choose thefollowingconfgurations: -one-level switch of conductiveliquids(byconnectingHand D) -two-level switch of conductive liquids. •One-state device monitors one leveltwo-state device monitors two levels (switches on one level and switches off on another level). •Choice of function PUMP UP PUMP DOWN. •Adjustable time delay on the output(0.5-10s). •Sensitivity adjustable byapotentiometer(5-100kΩ). •Measuring frequency 10 Hz prevents polarization of liquid andraising oxidation of measuring probes. •Galvanically separated supply voltageUNI 24.240V AC/DC• Output contact 1x changeover/SPDT10A/250VAC1. •1-MODULE,mounting onto DIN rail