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REX-C700 Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller

REX-C700 Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller Main Technical Index Input Thermocouple(TC),Resistance Temperature Detector(RTD),Standard Current and voltage signals. Display Process Val

REX-C700  Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller

Main Technical Index
Input Thermocouple(TC),Resistance Temperature Detector(RTD),Standard Current and voltage signals.
Display Process Value(PV),Setting Value(SV):-1999~+1999
Output( OUT1,OUT2) Alarm(Alarm1,Alarm2) Auto setting(AT) Display: LED
Control way 1).PID Control(including ON/OFF, position PID and continuous PID)
(2).Auto Setting Control
Accuracy Measurement Accuracy:±0.5%FS Compensation error of cold terminal:±2°C(amend within 0~50°C by soft)
Resolution:14bit. Sampling period:0.5Sec.
Setting Range Setting Value(SV):same range with PV 
Proportional Band(P):0~full range(ON/OFF Control when set to 0)
Integration Time(I):0~3600Sec (no integral action when set to 0)
Derivative Time(D):0~3600Sec(no derivative action when set to 0)
Proportional Period:1~100Sec
On-off control output hysteretic loop width:1~100°C(or other PV units)
Control Output (1)Currency output: DC 0~10Ma,4~20mA(RL less than 500Ω)
(2)Voltage output: DC 0-5V,1-5V(RL more than 10K)
(3)Relay output: Contact capacity:250V AC 3A(resistive load)
(4)Voltage Impulse output:0-12V(applicable for solid state relay SSR)
(5)Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR) output: zero-cross triggering or phase-shift triggering(resistive load)
(6)Output Contact Capacity:250V AC 3A
Alarm output 2 groups output at most,12 modes
Inanlating resistanle more than 50MΩ(500V DC)
Inanlating intensity 1500V AC/min
Power consumed less than 10 VA
Work condition 0~50°C,30~85RH,no corrosive gas
Weight abt.0.5Kg(CXTA type)


Model Name  
1.Outline dimension: See the outline dimension picture  7.Second control output( OUT2) (Cooling side)
2.serial number No mark: when the control mode is F or D 
3.Control Mode  M: Relay contact output T: Thyratron output 
0:PID operation and auto calculating (reverse operation)  V: Voltage impulse output 8: Current output(IC 4-20mA) 
1:PID operation and auto calculating(Forward operation) T: Thyratron output 
4.Input mode:Refer to input Range Table 8: Current output(IC 4-20mA) 
0:TC,RTD 8.First alarm(ALM1),
1:standard current 4~20mA,0~20mA 9.Second alarm (ALM2)
2:standard voltage:0~5V DC,1~5V DC N:no alarm 
3:electronic sigral code:(Ω)  A: Upper-limit deviation alarm 
5.femperature unit B: Lower-limit bias alarm 
0:degree celsius (°C) C: Upper/lower limit bias alarm 
1:Fahrenheit (F) D: alarm in area 
6.First control output(OUT1) (Heating side)  E: Standby upper-limit bias alarm attached 
M: Relay contact output  F: Standby lower-limit bias alarm attached 
V: Voltage impulse output  G: Standby upper/lower limit bias alarm 
T: Thyratron output  H: Upper-limit input value alarm 
8: Current output(IC4-20mA)  J: lower-limit input alarm 
G: Thyratron driving & triggering output K: Standby upper-limit input alarm attached 
  L: Standby lower-limit input alarm attached


Extemal dimensin                  
REX-C100 CXT -3000 A B C D E F G H
C100 CXTG 48 48 10 100 45 45 80 80
C400 CXTE 96 48 10 100 92 45 116 80
C410 CXTF 48 96 10 100 45 92 80 116
C700 CXTD 72 72 10 100 68 65 90 96
C900 CXTA 90 90 10 100 92 92 116 116
C800 CXTM 80 160 10 100 76 152 105 190

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Delivery time 3-7working days after deposit,2-4 working days for inventory
Packing Neutral carton,Wooden case for large size
Shipping By sea,by air and by express delivery