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SJW-WB 250KVA / 300KVA / 320KVA / 350KVA Micro-controlled Non-contact Compensation 3Phase Series voltage regulator stabilizer

  • SJW-WB 250KVA/300KVA/320KVA/350KVA
  • NQQK
1). Feature:
Integrating the advance duplex winding compensation mode、non-contact Switch and microcomputer controlled regulating
technology. It has the fea tures of high efficiency and energy-saving、 fast adjustment 、three phase automatic balanced
no mechanical malfunction or carbon brush wearing, also with the functions of delay、under/over voltage alarm and protection.
    ◆Adopting the advanced duplex winding compensation technology which ensure little waveform distortion.
    ◆Adopting one-chip computer to control the thyristor and shifting combination for timing compensation adjustment enable it to realize the fast non-contact adjustment. Strong instantaneous  overload capacity makes it available with various loads
    ◆Adopting one-chip computer split-phase control, it has the functions of delay starting-up, three-phase automatic balance add-
        ition adjustment, display、alarm and  protection of open-phase、overrun and malfunction etc.
Broadcast & Television system, Microwave telecommunication Unattended station, Industrial control system, 
Computer system, Industrial equipment supporting, Elevator supporting etc. Occasions that requires regulated power source.
Model Rated Power Output max Package size Qty per pkg
(KVA) current(A) DxWxH(cm) (unit) 
SJW-WB-250KVA  250 375 125×105×200 1
SJW-WB-300KVA  300 450 125×105×200 1
SJW-WB-320KVA  320 480 125×105×200 1
SJW-WB-350KVA  350 525 125×105×200 1

lnput voltage Phase voltage 220V±20%,wire voltage 380V±20% or 

Phase voltage 220V±30%,wire voltage 380V±30%(Optional)
Output voltage Phase voltage220V,wire voltage 380V
Accuracy of voltage ±2.5%
Efficiency > 95%
Response time  0.2~0.5s optional
Waveform distortion ≤2%
Protection 50Hz/60Hz
Instant overloading capacity  1.5-2 times of the rated current

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