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AC 200V 0.5 Class 5A 3 three phase digital ammeter current meter

  • ST96-3A
  • NQQK

AC 200V 0.5 Class 5A 3 three phase digital ammeter current meter

Product Description


Performance Characteristics

*High precision measurement of three phase AC/DC current

*Provide the digital tube display,local data query

*Programmable CT ratio

*Support for RS-485 communication,modbus-RTU protocol

*Support for swith inout,output,analog transmitting output

*Auxiliary power supply:AC/DC 80-270V,AC 220V,AC 380V,AC 100V

*A variety of dimensions to meet the different requirements of the electric distribution box.

Technical Index

 Accuracy of measurement

*Current:level 0.5

Signal Input

*Connection Mode:three phase four wires,three phase three wires

*Rated Current:AC 1A,AC 5A

*Overload:1.2 times(continued),10 times/5second(instantaneous)

*Power Consumption:<0.4VA per phase



Accessory Power Supply

*Working Range:AC/DC 80-270V,AC 220V,AC 380V,AC 100V

*Power Consumption:<4VA

Function Module

*Communication Interface:1 way RS-485 communication,modbus-RTU protocol

*Baud Rate:2400~9600bps,the default is 9600bps

*Switch Input:4 ways

*Switch Onput:3 ways(capacity:AC 250V/1A,DC 30V/5A)

*Transmission Onput:3 ways(analog Onput:0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V)

Work environment

*Working Temperature:-10℃~+55

*Storage Temperature:-25~+70

*Relative Humidity:≤93,no corrosive gas


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Delivery time 3-7working days after deposit,2-4 working days for inventory
Packing Neutral carton,Wooden case for large size
Shipping By sea,by air and by express delivery
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